Working jointly with the BRE Taking strain measurements during inundation trial, Cannock

Some sites may require further monitoring to assess various ground issues, including:Ground gas monitoringGround gas monitoring is necessary on some sites to determine the risk of gas bulid up which can result in an explosion, asphyxiation or harm.   Assessment of ground gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, aids the design of any protective measures required on site, and equally can provide data to negate the need for over engineered solutions.

Groundwater monitoring

An accurate picture of the ground water levels beneath a site is important as this can have a major affect on geotechnical properties of the soil  and impact the movement of contamination.  Groundwater monitoring is generally achieved by the installation of piezometers with multiple readings taken over an appropriate time scale.


Inclinometers are instruments for measuring angles of slope elevation or inclination.   These instruments may be useful on, for example,  sites where in situ monitoring of slope stability is considered necessary.

Strain measurements

Extensometers are useful to give an indication of in situ strain measurements at sites where ground stability may be an issue.