Site Investigation

Peter Cowsill Ltd design and implement site investigations to satisfy geotechnical and geo-environmental requirements. High quality site investigations can result in a significant reduction in the use of resources, eliminating the need for two separate investigations.

Site Investigation

Quality site investigation is paramount to the development of any project, as accurate site characterisation cannot occur without the collection of adequate data of sufficient quality and quantity.  Poor site characterisation can lead to incorrect judgement of the sub-surface conditions, possibly slowing the design process and the development of your project.  To design an investigation it is necessary to have experience of all the tools available; we have experience using high pressure dilatometers, pressure meter testing, down the hole geophysics, coring, down the hole cameras, static cone testing, etc.- in fact most of the methods currently available.

Peter Cowsill Ltd have the capacity to design and implement site investigations to satisfy both geotechnical and geo-environmental requirements.  This service can lead to a significant reduction in the use of resources where the need for two separate investigations is eliminated.

Site investigations are generally undertaken in a phased approach, with the first phase consisting of a desk study in which existing data relating to the site is pulled together from a variety of sources, such as geological mapping, historic mapping and mining records.  This gives an initial picture of the site and enables the design of the next phase of intrusive investigation.


Site investigation techniques range from trial pitting to sonic drilling and an assessment will be made as to which techniques are most appropriate to your site.  We strive to design bespoke, economically viable, site investigations to gain the necessary information required to move your project forward.