Deep piling

Peter Cowsill Ltd have produced piled solutions for structures ranging from multi storey buildings, including deep piling solutions, to smaller buildings and building extensions requiring innovative and more economic solutions.

Deep piling

Peter Cowsill Ltd has produced piled solutions for structures ranging from a porch to multi storey buildings, including the deep piling examples below.

Dundee - piling

We’ve advised on geotechnical aspects of the installation of a storm water Retention Tank on the waterfront at Dundee, involving a review of dewatering solutions for excavation. This resulted in the use of a jet grout curtain to protect a multi-storey structure that had already shown significant settlement. Deep end bearing piles on rock were used to take structural loads.

Shropshire. Design of bored piles to support abutments of an historic listed bridge at Coalport in the Ironbridge Gorge. This project was reported in New Civil Engineering.

A multi-storey structure, in Manchester, with large spans and high loads sat astride a fault line and abrupt change in drift thickness. A piled solution was proposed close to the limit of the techniques available at the time.


Ground investigation and design for deep bored piled foundations for an 11 storey structure, which now stands immediately above a railway tunnel in Liverpool.