Ground Anchors

Peter Cowsill Ltd has designed anchor solutions for multiple problems both above and below ground. These have included conventional ground anchors, soil nailing and tension piles.

Design of hold down anchors for a new ride at Alton Towers. Ground AnchorsThese were bored into weak sandstone and required to take, long term, high cyclic loadings.






Network Rail required design of a soil nailed gabion wall to new rail infrastructure to stabilise a slope with earlier stability problems that was to have the toe steepened.  AMCO employed Peter Cowsill Ltd to design anti-flotation elements for deep shafts in coal measures.

Advising on construction of a shaft for Barhale, in limestone where anti-flotation anchors led to substantial cost savings in excavation, where blasting would have been difficult to undertake.

Design of Dywidag hold down anchors for APB Group for a service reservoir constructed in limestone in Yorkshire.

Employed by ABP Group to assess slope stability issues, resulting in the design of anchor systems for stabilising permanent slopes and for temporary works support using platypus anchors.